21 March 2024

Versaprofiles was at “Building Energy Boston” 2024!

Organized by the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, the goal of this 5-day conference is to engage with the community of architects, engineers, and real estate developers on trends and advancements in sustainable development and building electrification. It’s been an incredibly enriching and relevant event, for which our colleague Jean-François Lavoie ing. MBA was on site to highlight the benefits of geothermal energy and to represent our company as part of an economic mission organized by Québec International!

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9 February 2024

Our 2 new silos!

We have recently replaced two of our silos used for storing the raw material from which we produce our pipes, namely polyethylene pellets.

Replacing such large silos is no small feat and requires exceptional logistics. However, this exercise is necessary to continuously supply our extrusion processes 24/24 and to meet safety standards and regulations. Thus, the risks of process contamination are greatly reduced. And let’s be honest, these new silos are much more visually appealing, which improves the visual impact for the neighborhood!

Made of corrugated sheet metal, the 2 new silos each have a volume of 3,639 cubic feet and can accommodate up to 60,000 kg of polyethylene pellets.

Thanks to our partner Les entreprises REL for providing the silos and thanks to our colleague Ghazi Mhadhbi for filming and editing this very impressive video!

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23 September 2022

Promotions for Jean-François Lavoie and Martin Demers

We are pleased to announce that Jean-François Lavoie ing. MBA will be promoted to Director of Sales & Marketing, and Martin Demers to Director of Operations!

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14 July 2022

We’ve got something new to show—a brand new silo! 

Our new silo is 18′ in diameter and 38′ high with a 106,000 kg resin storage capacity. It’s by far the largest in our family, which now includes 7 models!

This recent acquisition will be used to store our primary raw material, i.e., resin in the form of medium- and high-density polyethylene pellets, which are used in the manufacture of our gas, water and geothermal distribution pipes. This resin is shipped in bulk by train from the southern United States (Texas, New Orleans, etc.) to Charny, QC, then by truck to our factory in St-Lazare-de-Bellechasse.

A very special thank you to our partners, Équipements REL and MV Express/VTL Express, for accompanying us during the process of installing and filling the silos!


16 March 2022

Expansion Underway!

Our Ste-Claire plant is not only getting a makeover, but more importantly we are doubling its floor area from 15,000 to 30,000 sq. ft.

This will increase its storage and production capacity!

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6 August 2021

This year Versaprofiles celebrates its 10th anniversary!


This year Versaprofiles celebrates its 10th anniversary, indeed our company was born in July 2011 following the management buyout of the assets of the IPL extrusion plant. For the occasion we decided to dress our logo !
Thanks to our customers who continue to trust us over the years and to our employees who make this advancement possible

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5 May 2021

New 2 Inches Geothermal Loop

Versaprofiles is proud to launch its new 2” geothermal loop!


  • drill deeper than ever before;
  • thicker, stronger pipe wall;
  • smaller surface footprint;
  • increased flow rate;
  • improved geothermal efficiency;
  • factory tested and certified.
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16 March 2021

Major contract in Ontario for Versaprofiles.

The company Versaprofiles of Saint-Lazare-de-Bellechasse continues its momentum in Canada by obtaining its largest project in the natural gas industry thanks to a new project on the Ontario market.

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2 September 2020

Versaprofiles welcomes new shareholders

Serge Mercier announces that he sold most of his shares to Desjardins Capital and to Philippe Côté, Sales Director and Chantal Guillemette, Administrative and Financial Director of the company.

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28 March 2019

Versaprofiles gets the biggest geothermal contract in Canada.

Versaprofiles becomes the leading Canadian supplier of geothermal loops thanks to the most recent contract obtained in connection with the Vancouver International Airport massive facility expansion in British Columbia, the biggest geothermal energy project in the country.

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