Versaprofiles Inc. is a spin-off IPL. The management of IPL Extrusion repurchased all assets of this business unit from IPL Inc. in July 2011.

Versaprofiles logo colour recalls its predecessor IPL. Its oval shape is a nod to the shape of plastic granules. The zigzag evokes both a product matrix and a reel pipe.


Our Ste-Claire plant is getting a makeover, doubling its floor area from 15,000 to 30,000 sq. ft.


Versaprofiles obtains its largest private project in the natural gas industry thanks to a new project on the Ontario market.


Philippe Côté, Sales Manager, and Chantal Guillemette, Financial Director, become shareholders.


Versaprofiles becomes  the leading Canadian supplier of geothermal loops by serving the Vancouver International Airport  massive facility expansion plan that included the construction of one of the biggest geothermal energy project in Canadian history


Change in Versaprofiles ownership. M. Serge Mercier becomes the sole owner and president of Versaprofiles.

The same year, the St-Lazare headquarters added 10 000 square feet of manufacturing space along with a new, 2 stories corporate office building. 


Versaprofiles becomes the proud supplier of Gaz Metro / Energir for all their needs for natural gas distribution polyethylene pipes. Versaprofiles delivers its first major natural gas project , the Bellechasse project.

As the St-Lazare plant becomes dedicated to PE pipes for the different market served (maple sap collecting tubing, water, geothermal and natural gas) and the Sainte-Claire plant specialize in industrial profiles, custom molding and pvc pipes.


Versaprofiles buys-out all the production assets of “Plastiques Abenaki Inc”. Located in St-Claire of Bellechasse, QC, this company specialises in the extrusion of PVC products such as pipe for central vacuum systems or road markers.

This addition of a manufacturing facility leads to a significant change for the company.


Start of activities in the natural gas distribution pipe market.


IPL Extrusion becomes Versaprofiles on July 1, 2011. Stéphane Gonthier, General Manager and Serge Mercier, Vice President of Operations of IPL Extrusion become the owners.

 That same year, the company invests in increasing its production capacity to produce polyethylene pipes up to 8 inches in diameter.


In order to increase production and diversify its products, IPL relocates its extrusion department, formerly located at its headquarters in Saint-Damien-de-Buckland, in the former Plastic SM factory in Saint-Lazare de-Bellechasse.

The purchase of new equipment, coupled with the motivation of its staff to develop new products, allows the company to enter new market segments such as automotive, telecommunications, drinking water, geothermal energy, upholstery and transportation.


IPL is founded by J. Emile Métivier in St-Damien de Bellechasse in his grandfather’s smithy.