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Versaprofiles works in partnership with every customer to deliver a product that meets their expectations within a reasonable timeframe. We strive to innovate every day to better meet the specific requests and thus ensure full satisfaction.

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Customer realization and achievements

Over the years, our expertise has been used in the following sectors: garage doors, transport, furniture, PVC nozzles and pipes, bulkheads and separators, displays, industrial sector, equipment manufacturers, agriculture, mining, signalling and many others.

Here are some of the products we have made for our customers.


Made from co-extrusion of flexible PVC and machined CPVC, supplied in kits


The logistics team at Prévost Car was tasked to set up a bumper to protect its vehicles in urban area.


Our client Prevost Car is one of the largest manufacturers of luxury buses in North America. Versaprofiles has collaborated with Prevost Car in research and development of polymers suitable for side bumpers, always in line with the high quality and performance standards that have made this company famous.

In addition, the solution we developed allows Prevost to achieve its LEAN objectives. Our product is delivered with complete sets of machined parts, bolt products included, allowing our client to reduce their number of suppliers, minimize their inventory and simplify production line assembly.


Custom cutting and packing into bags of ready-to-install filing cabinet supports.


A leader in furnishings commissioned our experts at Versaprofiles to provide them with a set of ready-to-install parts for their customers.


For the manufacturers of the filing cabinet supports, the priority was lower handling costs for unpacking, assembly, bagging and repacking operations on the production line.

In conjunction with its partner, Versaprofiles developed a kit ordering system which reduces non-value added operations at the manufacturer by 50%. Depending on requirements, our production ordering system generates specific instructions which indicate the contents of each bag. Once the components are introduced, the bag is heat-sealed and ready to be opened and installed when it reaches the consumer.


Under-door flexible seal made of thermoplastic elastomers for increased performance.


A leading manufacturer of high-end garage doors, commissioned our team to innovate in the area of garage under-door seals.


The challenge was to replace PVC moldings, commonly used on the market for decades, which weren’t proving to be as durable over the long term.

Versaprofiles’ moulders solved this durability issue by combining rejected parts manufactured from TPE with virgin materials and additives to give the product the desired qualities. Since this solution focuses on recycling materials, it has allowed the company to maintain the price of their product and reduce its environmental impact.


Screen link made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), with different hardnesses and melting points.


A major construction equipment manufacturer mandated our R&D team to design an effective product that would limit jamming during screening.


By making a co-extrusion of two different colors, it provides a wear indicator that will make it possible for the company to perform preventive maintenance.

The screen ties manufactured by Versaprofiles offer an additional flexibility to the screens that will prevent the stones from jamming during the sieving process.

Support process

Our made-to-order experts share the same goal: to guarantee you a quality product with added value.

Needs analysis

An expert in made-to-order profiles or in pipes analyzes your needs with you and guides you throughout the product development process.

Sketches and prototypes-

Our team of technical experts designs your plastic profiles using computer-aided simulation and modelling and doing prototypes if necessary.

Tests and adjustments

Some details are adjusted to give you the perfect product, the one that will give you complete satisfaction.

Production and final delivery

Once the work is done, your representative will communicate with you to agree on a delivery date within a reasonable timeframe.

A team of professionals

You are accompanied by our team of highly qualified professionals who guide you throughout the realization of your project. They ensure its coordination to make it a reality.

Total control of engineering profiles

We are able to develop new products from nothing. Our experts work with you through all phases of development, from the manufacturing of samples to the final product delivery.

A wide range of possibilities

Wide range of thermoplastics: PVC, ABS, TPE, TPO, TPU, HDPE, LDPE, MDPE and polycarbonate.

"A committed and dedicated partner for his customers while ensuring a high standard of quality on every order."

David Houle
Directeur des opérations chez GAREX

"Versaprofiles is an important partner for our organization, their experienced team supports us from development to production"

Prevost (Volvo Group)

"Quality, efficiency and professionalism, what more could you ask for! "

Danielle Picard
Senior Purchaser at Trovac Industries LTD

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Whatever your needs in terms of extruded plastic profiles, our team will find solutions that will meet your expectations.