Customized standard piping


From packaging, through quality testing, transportation and pipe marking, Versaprofiles involves each gas industry client in the logistical process right from the start of the business relationship. Each step can be adjusted to your requirements and our production floor remains open for your quality audits. Our engineering team adheres to your needs and provides you with the latest technological solutions, so you can use each foot of pipe to its full potential.



The VERSAPIPE® 2708 GAS is marked with the famous NSF® brand. This seal of quality is essential to ensure the reliability of a natural gas distribution network. NSF® is accredited by the American Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) to qualify and inspect the manufacturing of pipes for natural gas distribution.

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  • The raw material is tested according to the standards of the Plastic Pipe Institute TR-3, ASTM D3350 and ISO 13477 or 134780
  • An inspector reviews all raw materials, products and practices three times a year without notice
  • Samples are collected randomly during the year to revalidate pipe compliance
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